20 May 2018
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Greek-UK trade volume up 20% in 1Q2018

18 May 18 |
The report, based on preliminary figures released by the UK national statistics service, said Greece ranked 40th among customers and 48th among suppliers in the UK.

Employment in food retail sector up 2.9%

16 May 18 |
In the six-year period, employment in the sector grew 10.8%, while the retail sector as a whole recorded a 2.3% increase.

Investment spending in the manufacturing sector up 2% in 2017

15 May 18 |
IOBE said the increase in investments was in line with a mild rise of 3% in fixed-capital formation in current prices in metal products and machinery.

Greek exports continue growing

09 May 18 |
Βut domestic companies need to upgrade.

Greek listed firms recorded soaring after tax earnings in 2017

02 May 18 |
The report, based on the balance sheets of 180 listed companies in the Athens Stock Exchange, showed that accumulated turnover totaled 66.42 billion euros in 2017.

Signs that Greek economy is stabilizing

26 April 18 |
Nevertheless, six out of 10 enterprises reported deteriorating liquidity in spite a more favourable economic environment.

PwC:There's a big investment gap in Greece

20 April 18 |
PwC's survey showed that the Greek economy failed to attract foreign capital, depending up to 90 pct from domestic funding sources.

Business climate for Greek SMEs improves

18 April 18 |
An NBG’s survey unveiled that industry was the driving force of economic growth helped by its extroversion.

Average hourly labour cost in Greece at €14,5 in 2017

10 April 18 |
According to Eurostat, the data came from businesses with at least 10 employees and did not include those working in agriculture or in the public sector.

PMI in Greece modestly drop in March

02 April 18 |
Purchasing activity and production fell, while business confidence continued rising to new record-highs in the month.
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