19 June 2018
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Average hourly labour cost in Greece at €14,5 in 2017

10 April 18 |
According to Eurostat, the data came from businesses with at least 10 employees and did not include those working in agriculture or in the public sector.

PMI in Greece modestly drop in March

02 April 18 |
Purchasing activity and production fell, while business confidence continued rising to new record-highs in the month.

GSEE: the actual Greek unemployment rate is 7% higher than reported

23 March 18 |
The report on the Greek economy and employment, unveils that although the unemployment rate is being on a declining trend that is due to a large number of part-time jobs with lower wages.

Around 124 million people face Crisis food insecurity or worse

22 March 18 |
The worst food crises in 2017 were in north-eastern Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan.

The 21 most sustainable companies in Greece for 2017

21 March 18 |
The 21 companies, part of the leading group of the business community in the country, can operate as examples of good business practice.

OECD: Greece has taken significant measures

20 March 18 |
OECD said Greece improved tax compliance and reduced by one-third the tax-free limit for personal income tax - a law that will go into force in 2019.

Demand for office space in London is up 76% on last year

16 March 18 | Irene Theofanidou
Brexit has had a minimal impact on financial and insurance firms’ appetite for office space.

25% of Greek employers are ready to engage in new hiring

13 March 18 |
Hiring prospects are positive in all economic sectors, the country's regions and for all sizes of enterprises.

SEV: US' steel and aluminum tariffs are to challenge Greek exports

12 March 18 |
Greek steel companies that have booked orders for the U.S. market are rushing to deliver them to avoid the new tariffs that will come into effect in 15 days.

The number of female executives in Greece increases

08 March 18 |
Grant Thornton’s survey unveiled that the highest percentage rates were recorded in Italy (34 pct) in the western hemisphere.
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