22 March 2018
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Greek households’ savings are draining

11 May 17 |
SEV expressed concerns over the prospects of a sustainable economic growth.

Greek universities a beacon of international research

11 May 17 |
Their share of total R&D activity exceeds 35% their contribution to innovation and the national economy is still limited, however.

Unemployment in Greece at 23,2% in February

10 May 17 |
The number of employed people totaled 3,656,783 in February, up 0.2%.

Employment in food sector up 2,7% in 2016

09 May 17 |
In a report, IELKA said the sector created 10,000 new job positions in the 2015-2016 period.

Majority of Greek listed firms return to profitability

04 May 17 |
From the 101 profitable companies, 41 raised their profits, 33 suffered a decline and 27 returned to profits from losses.

Fitch: Greece's agreement with creditors is a step forward

04 May 17 |
If the Greek parliament approves these measures, eurozone finance ministers could approve the release of around €7 billion ESM funds.

Greek consumer climate deteriorates

20 April 17 |
The survey for the first three months of 2017 said that the Greek consumer climate index was -51 points at the end of March, one of the weakest levels in the EU.

Those sectors have recently enjoyed a boost in sales

11 April 17 |
Despite adverse conditions prevailing in the market, Greek companies showed a remarkable resistance.

Greek households tending to reduce meat consumption

05 April 17 |
Rates of meat consumption are traditionally high in the country, with 96 pct of households consuming meat at least once a week.

3 Greek regions amongst the poorest in EU

31 March 17 |
For Greece, the average per capita GDP for the country was at 68% of the EU average.
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