22 April 2018
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PwC:There's a big investment gap in Greece

20 April 18 |
PwC's survey showed that the Greek economy failed to attract foreign capital, depending up to 90 pct from domestic funding sources.

Business climate for Greek SMEs improves

18 April 18 |
An NBG’s survey unveiled that industry was the driving force of economic growth helped by its extroversion.

Average hourly labour cost in Greece at €14,5 in 2017

10 April 18 |
According to Eurostat, the data came from businesses with at least 10 employees and did not include those working in agriculture or in the public sector.

PMI in Greece modestly drop in March

02 April 18 |
Purchasing activity and production fell, while business confidence continued rising to new record-highs in the month.

GSEE: the actual Greek unemployment rate is 7% higher than reported

23 March 18 |
The report on the Greek economy and employment, unveils that although the unemployment rate is being on a declining trend that is due to a large number of part-time jobs with lower wages.
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