23 May 2018
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C&W: European commercial RE investment update

06 July 09 |
Investment volumes in the first three months of 2009 fell 74% on the opening period of last year

Alpha Bank: Eurozone to rebound in 2010

24 June 09 |
Indications that the rapid deterioration of the global economy will slow down during the second half of 2009 are evident

European Office rents keep falling - CBRE

16 June 09 |
For the first time in the current cycle the EU-27 office rent index is falling on both a quarterly and an annual basis.

Business Expectations decline

04 June 09 |
The Business Expectation Index for the Construction sector declined significantly in May,

Greek buyers turn to used homes

18 May 09 |
Newly built homes are continuously loosing ground, since the credit crunch and the fact that prices remain at high levels are forcing Greek buyers towards older, used homes.

Legalization of semi open-air spaces – survey results

12 May 09 |
The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) has been set against the mass legalization of unlicensed constructions, at any scale, including the recent legalization

Real estate market barometer, by Google

30 April 09 |
The conclusions reached from the use of Google's free tools, Google Trends and Google Insights, concerning the financial and property sectors were interesting, as well as useful.

C&W expects shopping centre development to see slowest rate in 2010

27 April 09 |
Up to seven million m2 of planned shopping centre development in Europe has been put on hold or cancelled as a result of the credit crunch, a new research report issued by C&W shows.

Bank of Greece: Report on Energy and the Environment

21 April 09 |
The 2008 economy report published recently by the Bank of Greece includes a special comprehensive section on the European policy on climate change and energy, the protection of the environment and the energy sector in Greece.

Greek economy closer to rebound

15 April 09 |
Inflation based on the Consumer Price Index dropped once again further than expected, at 1.3% in March 2009 -at levels lower than those of September 1968- from 1.6% in February 2009, according to the weekly financial analysis by Alpha Bank. This drop in inflation is due to the drop in gas and heating oil prices,
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