11 December 2018

"Crystalline cube" for US Embassy in London

20 December 17 | RE+D Magazine


"Crystalline cube" for US Embassy in London
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Kieran Timberlake
Kieran Timberlake has completed work on the US Embassy in London, a glass cube swathed in shimmering sails of plastic that is set on a plinth and surrounded by a moat-like pond on the edge of the River Thames.


The Philadelphia-based firm won the competition to design an embassy to embody the "ideals of the American government" back in 2010 and the building broke ground in 2013. The new embassy was unveiled to the press last week ahead of its official opening in January 2018, when staff will begin moving into the building.

The £750 million building, which replaces the previous Eero Saarinen-designed address in Mayfair, has been engineered to balance impenetrable security standards with a visual language of openness.
The 65-metre-tall, 12-storey cube has a facade of laminated glazing enveloped on two sides with a transparent film of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), the same type of plastic use for the bio-domes in the UK's Eden Project.

Visitors will enter the embassy through a pavilion on the northern side of the campus, before passing along curving pathways in the landscaped gardens and over a pond set into the large protective plinth the main building rests upon. A ground-floor consular lobby leads to waiting areas on the first and second floors with views of the pond and the Thames. The main lobby on the ground floor opens to a gallery, grand staircase and events hall.

Source: Dezeen



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