15 August 2018

Villa Katsura, a mesmerizing Caribbean estate

08 June 16 | RE+D Magazine


Villa Katsura, a mesmerizing Caribbean estate
Year of operation:
A 23,500-square-foot home perched on a hillside on Virgin Gorda, third-largest of the British Virgin Islands, is on sale for $40 million.


The house, which took seven years to build and was completed in 2014, overlooks the Little Dix Bay peninsula and beyond it, the Caribbean Sea.

Named "Villa Katsura" after the imperial villa bearing the name in the suburbs of Kyoto, the compound has pavilions built in a style that could be deemed Japanese, though there's a light sprinkling of Caribbean influence as well.

In the main house, which has a living room, kitchen, and guest bedroom, there's an open floor plan that looks out onto a terrace, fire pits, and a pool. Alongside the pool is a heated rock pool (aka a very high-end hot tub), a steam shower room, and to provide a little additional drama, a waterfall.


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