18 June 2018

Interested to relocate in Mars? This is where you would live!

25 September 15 | RE+D Magazine


Interested to relocate in Mars? This is where you would live!
Planet Ares
Year of operation:
Mars One
Bas Lansdorp
Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp in 2012 came up with an investment idea. Finance a human settlement project in Mars.


More than 200.000 people from 140 countries have applied for a one-way ticket to join a human settlement on Mars.

Mars One, the non-profit organization that manages the whole project, applicants come from over 140 countries; the largest numbers are from the United States (24%), India (10%), China (6%), Brazil (5%), Great Britain (4%), Canada (4%), Russia (4%), Mexico (4%), Philippines (2%), Spain (2%), Colombia (2%), Argentina (2%), Australia (1%), France (1%), Turkey (1%), Chile (1%), Ukraine (1%), Peru (1%), Germany (1%), Italy (1%) and Poland (1%).

The first call for volunteers astronauts closed on Monday. The £4 billion project plans to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023 and has proposed that humans will live in a modular environment made up of multiple inflatable units.

The settlement would comprise of 1000 m3 of living space - a total of 250 m3 per person for a team of four.

The colony would live inside “lander” living units that each feature an inflatable living section. The landers would be installed by roaming rovers and be filled with breathable air from a life support unit before the humans arrive.

"As the habitat will be modular, and constructed using fully redundant systems, even if one inflatable unit is damaged beyond repair, the habitat will still be secure and fully functional," said the organisation. There will also be solar panels outside of the living quarters and an indoor farm for growing and harvesting foods.


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