27 May 2018

Studio Morison installs origami-like "pineapple"

12 July 17 | RE+D Magazine


Studio Morison installs origami-like "pineapple"
Studio Morison
Artistic duo Studio Morison has erected a pink pavilion shaped like an origami pineapple in the centre of the 18th-century walled garden of the Berrington Hall country estate in Herefordshire, England.


According to dezeen.com, the construction called Look! Look! Look! is enclosed within a walled garden originally designed by Georgian landscape designer Lancelot 'Capability' Brown.

This was Brown's last completed landscape project, and his only walled garden. Studio Morison first designed the structure using origami, and then worked with structural engineers Arturo to bring the design to life. The pair created an eight-metre-tall by eight-metre-wide pavilion.

The metal foundation and timber structure is encased in a pink shell, the body of which appears to have been folded into shape.

The dusty pink finish of the structure is achieved from a white waft and a red weave, which stands out against its green surroundings, and is made from a coated fibreglass fabric engineered by UK company Mermet.

The structure is made of 90 sections and assembled like a jigsaw, with the fabric then pulled over and fixed to each rhomboid, and assembled on site in the walled garden, ultimately taking around six months to construct.

To reflect this historic use, the pavilion will host a catalogue of events and activities throughout the summer, including music, yoga, and performances.

The pink pavilion is part of the National Trust programme Trust New Art, launched to introduce more contemporary arts into their heritage sites to reflect the increasing diversity of their audiences.


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