21 July 2018

The aftermath of the Iron Ring

28 July 17 | RE+D Magazine


The aftermath of the Iron Ring
George King Architects
Plans for a new iron ring sculpture located at Flint Castle in Wales have been put on hold following public outcry.


George King Architects was selected as the winners of a competition held by the Welsh Government to design a signature art piece celebrating Wales’ Year of Legends with their proposal, the Iron Ring,

which consists of a large circular structure embedded in the earth at just two points to create a cantilevered observation point with views of the castle and the River Dee.

Located at the site where the British crown was handed down from one medieval dynasty to another, the Iron Ring was designed to symbolize “a giant rusted crown representing the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe and the castles they built.”

According to, the £395,000 sculpture would be built from weathered steel, allowing it to span up to 7 meters (23 feet) high and 30 meters (98 feet) in diameter.

Quotes and words chosen by the local community would be engraved into the ring’s surface, celebrating the sculpture’s connection to other local landmarks, historic towns and natural environment.


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