24 May 2018
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Air China to directly connect Beijing to Athens

09 August 17 |
A program and the agenda of talks between Greece and a Chinese delegation were headed by Xu Lingyi, responsible on issues of tackling corruption.

The remaining part of Ionia Odos to be delivered this week

02 August 17 |
The last part, of approximately 14 km, section has two lanes and an emergency lane on each direction and two interchanges.

Ionia's highway junction of Amphilochia is open to public

27 July 17 |
Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis inaugurated the use of the junction earlier today.

Harbor of Kos is to be repaired soon

24 July 17 |
Decisions on a more permanent repair of the port's facilities will be made later, according to state officials.

Ionian highway's Amphilochia section is open to public

24 July 17 |
The delivery of this 27-km section of the road will convert the Ionian highway into an unbroken motorway of 182 kilometres in length.

Greek authorities invest €1,1B in waste management

21 July 17 |
According to Mr. Charitsis, so far in the process of evaluating the proposals, have been included projects amounting to €140 million.

EU Commission in favor of EastMed pipeline

13 July 17 |
The Commissioner underlined that "the Southeast Mediterranean region has significant quantities of natural gas to export based on the existing reserves.

UN join hands with Alibaba

11 July 17 |
A total of 200 million U.S. dollars will be allocated by the UN for construction of rural e-commerce infrastructure.

Timetable for Marina of Pylos tender is revised

07 July 17 |
The HRADF released a notification to the Eligible Investors that the indicative timetable of Phase B has been amended.

J&P-Avax inks €68M deal with PPC

06 July 17 |
In announcement, the company said the new system will remove up to 95% of CO2 from emissions, bringing the unit in line with European regulation requirements.
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