24 May 2018
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DEPA seals energy agreement with Attika Group

08 December 16 |
The two companies said they will jointly examine the parameters and requirements for the use of LNG in the Attica Group fleet.

Astir Palace expected to be completely refurbished

08 December 16 |
The plan also provides for the construction of 13-15 houses in the area of the hotel "Aphrodite."

Hellenic Petroleum on exploration scheme in Kyparissia

06 December 16 |
The company won an international tender for the exploration and production of hydrocarbon fields in the area 10 in the Gulf of Kyparissia.

SOCAR and DESFA fail to conclude in acquisition deal

30 November 16 |
Three and a half years of talks among the two counterparts collapsed earlier today.

Terna Group inks agreement with Danish counterpart

25 November 16 |
GEK Terna Group’s subsidiary, Terna Energy, agreed with CIP on an investment program in renewable energy source market in the US.

State Grid acquires Greek ADMIE

24 November 16 |
Chinese State Grid won a relevant tender bidding €320 million to purchase 24% stake on the company.

PPC opposes NOME initial bids policy

17 November 16 |
In NOME auctions energy producers-competitors of PPC are participating to gain access to cheaper electricity production sources.

EU supports Greek renewable electricity scheme

16 November 16 |
European Commission said that the scheme was likely to increase the proportion of green electricity and reduce pollution.

PPC builds in renewable energy

14 November 16 |
PPC Renewables, a subsidiary of Public Power Corporation, has just declared a huge investment in 12 new wind farms of 31,8MW total capacity.

Greek-Russian venture inks agreement on energy supply

11 November 16 |
Prometheus Gas will directly supply large consumers with natural gas.
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