19 March 2018
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Taiwan boosts its solar energy production

20 April 15 |
In order to face the rising risk of power shortages, the country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs announced plan to boost solar energy production.

Wind Mill projects in Crete island get green light

17 April 15 |
In a plenary session the Greek Council of State gave a provisional approval to wind park projects in Crete.

DEPA: Price reductions effective as of April,1st

15 April 15 |
Greek public gas corporation declared a minimum 16pct drop in natural gas prices versus previous month, basically due to global oil prices plunge.

The pipeline from the Greek-Turkish borders: a great challenge for Greece

09 April 15 |
Greek authorities are interested in securing the 2 billion euro financing of the pipeline project that gives the country a chance to transform itself to a regional natural gas transit hub.

"We will resume shortly…"

08 April 15 |
Miners in Canadian owned Hellas Gold said they will be resuming protests in favor of the Company in April, 16, citing a pause during Orthodox Easter Holidays.

Overdue debts weigh on the Greek Public Power Corporation

08 April 15 |
PPC BoD set new priorities emphasizing in collecting overdue debts to the corporation which currently stand at €1,8 billion. The new CEO intends to hire 600 employees.

Ministry reacts fiercely against Eldorado Gold

07 April 15 |
"We unequivocally state that nobody can blackmail the government or make arbitrary actions. The government is determined to examine mines issue,” the minister said.

Obama Vows to Add 75k Solar Industry Workers

06 April 15 |
Solar energy is quickly becoming oa cottage industry.

Blackout cost Turkey over $700 million

06 April 15 | Irene Theofanidou
Production at car factories, another top industry, stopped for the entire day.

One man dead from a fatal accident in Larco mine

03 April 15 |
The work in the specific mine was temporarily put on hold and the site of the accident cordoned off so that the evidence is not tampered with.
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