22 May 2018
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PPC takes precautions on potential jump in consumption

30 June 17 |
Power utility PPC is ready to address the increased energy consumption expected in the next three days fuelled by the heat wave affecting Greece.

PE Ardian invests in Italian renewable energy project

30 June 17 |
The portfolio of 3 wind farms will have a total installed power of 37.2MW and are eligible, following the Italian public energy manager auction.

3 years left to prevent climate change

29 June 17 |
Experts warn that “entire ecosystems” were already beginning to collapse, summer sea ice was disappearing in the Arctic and coral reefs were dying from the heat.

HELPE reports 126% jump in net profits

23 June 17 |
Exports rose 13% and domestic market share surpassed 32%.

PPC and Larco close electricity energy supply agreement

22 June 17 |
PPC expressed the hope that Larco will overcome its problems and will move forward towards growth to the benefit of all.

Tilos island wins EU sustainable energy award

21 June 17 |
The TILOS project's aim is to achieve maximum energy autonomy exclusively from renewable energy sources.

Paneuropean in talks with the Greek state on HELPE

21 June 17 |
Talks are focused on the distribution of management positions in the Hellenic Petroleum.

PPC's production units and mines up on sale

19 June 17 |
PPC and the ministry of environment and energy are preparing a list of production units and mines that will be put on sale as part of Greece’s agreement with its lenders.

OPAP's "Business Development" program a stimulus for local firms

16 June 17 |
Entrepreneurs practice their valuable know-how to overcome the challenges they face and, above all, gain a strong presence in international markets.

European Commission directive on plastic bags

15 June 17 |
The Directive obliges Member States to achieve this by putting a price on lightweight plastic carrier bags, and/or introducing national reduction targets.
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