15 August 2018
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EFKA announces a series of measures to support Attica fire victims

31 July 18 |
These include direct financial support for pensioners affected by the fires, equal to the cash amount of two monthly pensions.

Private sector arrears modestly less in May

03 July 18 |
New arrears totaled 4.219 billion euros in the January-May period, up from 3.665 billion in the January-April period.

Income tax declarations submission deadline extended

27 June 18 |
The decision was signed by Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou.

Private sector arrears to the state almost unchanged

11 June 18 |
The number of debtors eased slightly to 3,865,882 at the end of April, from 3,907,847 in March.

The plastic grocery bags levy to finance recycling initiative

08 June 18 |
The levy of 0,04 euros per bag was introduced by stores in Greece in January, in agreement with a European Union directive.

Enfia tax will not change for the 2/3 of property owners

06 June 18 |
At the same time, the minister said that 15 percent of property owners will pay more for their Enfia tax bill this year.

Greece in talks with its lenders to imply new property tax

21 May 18 |
Officials taking part in the talks said the new tax values may be introduced on a gradual basis, helping ease the additional burden on property owners.

Greek government deliberates on a new tax

17 May 18 |
According to the information available, the tax will be re-examined over three months.

Greek state arrears to the private sector increase in March

04 May 18 |
Pension funds' arrears to the private sector fell to 1.308 billion euros in March from 1.452 billion in February.

OECD countries pay a quarter of their gross wages in taxes

26 April 18 |
This OECD-wide average rate, calculated for a single person with no children earning an average wage, has remained stable in recent years.
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