21 April 2018
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OAEE overdue debts’ revenues reached €13.1M

30 April 15 |
OAEE governor, Anastasios Petropoulos, said that the total applications for inclusion in the measure to the organization reached 56.550 in 15 days.

Foreclosures and bad banks the main points of deliberations

29 April 15 |
Successful outcome of deliberations is currently subjected to those crucial issues.

ENFIA will remain effective in 2015

28 April 15 |
Talking to journalist Nikos Xatzinikolaou, Greek PM explained that replacing ENFIA is currently subjected to a couple of factors.

More than €1,3B to social insurance funds

21 April 15 |
The Greek Center for Insurance Debt collection said in a statement that the total of individuals and entities who have so far settled payments are 38.560.

Debtors subjected to confiscation

21 April 15 |
Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani clarified that whoever won’t manage its debts under the 100-instalments scheme will be subjected to measures of confiscation.

Wages in Greece are 43,3pct slashed by insurance contributions

15 April 15 |
OECD in a report on its 34 member-states, highlighted the levels of over-taxation in Greece.

Businesses can submit tax statements until June,30

15 April 15 |
The Greek General Secretary of the Administration for Public Revenue, Ms Katerina Savvaidou, declared a prolonged submission period.

Swiss and Greek tax-authorities in closer cooperation

15 April 15 |
Fin.Min. Yianis Varoufakis and State Minister Nikoloudis to meet Swiss delegation on April,28.

Kindly do not raise VAT in Greek Islands

02 April 15 |
In their meeting with PM Tsipras, the regional council and municipalities of South Aegean addressed their concerns regarding a prospective rise of VAT tax level in Greek islands.

Companies will be taxed for “Benefits in kind” over €300

02 April 15 |
Clarifications on the taxation methods for 2015 were given via a circular published earlier in the day by the Secretary General of Public Revenues.
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