19 March 2018
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Assets Declaration form is a reality

03 December 15 |
The rules only apply for the whole household and will come into effect on January 1, 2016.

The "reactions" driven Taxation Policy in Greece

20 November 15 |
Alternate Finance Minister following the vinery sector’s and opposition’s reactions decided to lessen the excise tax.

Greek Media tax "Angeliosimo" reportedly to be abolished

16 November 15 |
The tax - known in Greece as “angeliosimo” - has to be paid by anyone advertising in the media and goes towards paying employees’ social security contributions.

Regular budget tax revenues up in October

11 November 15 |
This development raises optimism over government efforts to achieve a target for a primary deficit of 0.25 pct of GDP this year.

VAT revenue was given a boost in August

05 November 15 |
Alt. Finance Minister said that VAT revenue for catering and residence had risen to 29 million euros in 2015, from 19 million in 2013 and 14 million in 2014.

The majority of Greek farmers earn less than €5.000 annually

03 November 15 |
Taxapayers’ data revealed that there are no lots of chances for Greek government to increase tax revenues from agriculture industry.

Government offers Incentives to boost the use of plastic money

14 October 15 |
Among alias, Alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis declared a special property tax in 2016 that aim to equalize commercial and objective property values.

Greece adopts "German-style" tax inspections to battle evasion

08 October 15 |
The government intends to crack down on tax evasion by introducing large teams of inspectors to conduct raids on large offices of well-connected businesses.

More taxes to come with respect to the new MOU

25 September 15 |
The ministry said the changes are “clear and defined” in the third bailout, noting that, in fact, some of the adjustments are in a “positive direction”.

Commission objects to Greek "Tsikoudia's" low tax rate

24 September 15 |
The European Commission asked Greece to raise taxes on its one of the most well recognized domestically produced good.
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