21 May 2018
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On the verge of Relativity Theories' ultimate testing

08 December 15 |
Scientists hope to produce the first images from the perimeter of a black hole at the centre of our galaxy, as well as other galaxies further off.

The odds for robots to replace humans

07 December 15 |
Harvard University prof. Freedman, who has been awarded with the Mincer and IZA prizes, says robots may replace not only factory workers but also high skilled ones.

Global bicycling was cut almost in half

03 December 15 |
New study published in the Journal of Transport & Health pulls together data from 1.25 billion households around the world.

easyJet introduces its new aircraft tracking mobile app

02 December 15 |
The flight tracking software will show the aircraft’s route, speed, type of aircraft, altitude, distance traveled and total distance to destination.

NBG joins Amazon on initiative to boost Greek startups

24 November 15 |
Supporting start-up businesses which have export orientation is one of the keys towards restarting the economy, bank’s CEO said.

EasyJet summons AI to cut costs and improve efficiency

18 November 15 |
Low fare airliner has recently announced that has appointed its first head of data science to help improve fleet reliability

Antikythera Mechanism: undoubtedly the first computer

11 November 15 |
There were no conspiracy theories! Ancient Greeks were rationalists and scientists with the original sense of the term.

Terahertz radiation, a breakthrough in networks technology

17 September 15 | Styliani Rouchota
This technology will probably become a promising tool at scientists hand to create wireless systems 100 times faster than the existing ones.

"The New Raw" alters 3D printing, as we know it

15 September 15 |
The team seeks to inform and raise public awareness on environment issues, especially alternative proposals for recycling plastic.

The biggest IT deal ever closed with European Parliament

23 July 15 |
International joint venture -including Intrasoft International- has won an 196-million-euro framework-contract.
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