23 April 2018
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Blockchain frenzy is getting into another level

21 December 17 |
Midcap stocks soar by just expressing their intentions to partner with or invest in companies that develop the decentralized ledgers.

UniSystems inks deal with ESM

19 December 17 |
The duration of the framework contract is three years, with the option of renewal for two additional years.

New EU regulation to make online shopping more affordable

15 December 17 |
The new Regulation is a key pillar of the Commission's efforts to boost e-commerce to allow consumers and companies, in particular SMEs.

France proposes age-limit to Facebook users

14 December 17 |
The minister said signing up to join a social network would involve ticking a box to confirm that approval from parents or rightful guardians had been obtained.

Google launching artificial intelligence research center in China

13 December 17 |
The research center is the first of its kind in Asia.

Financial firms are rushing to embrace AI

12 December 17 |
New research launches a deep neural network that can be effective in longer-term stock picking.

BitREC to expand operations in Greece

11 December 17 |
BitREC offers its services to major e-commerce companies such as Germany's national broadcaster ZDF and many more.

Bitcoin futures on their debut by CBOE days ahead

08 December 17 |
Bitcoin’s violent price swings this week have made the new market look all the more dangerous.

Amazon workers declare a strike on black Friday

24 November 17 |
Workers have also decided not to do any overtime until Dec. 31, covering the peak season for the online retailer which hires temporary workers during this period.

Piraeus Bank launches new automated e-branch

22 November 17 |
Piraeus Bank operates three fully automated e-branch shops, in Halandri, Ambelokipi and the McArthurGlen discount park.
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