17 March 2018
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China's two supercomputers still world's fastest as U.S

19 June 17 |
Chinese supercomputer has topped the rankings maintained by researchers in the United States and Germany for nine times in a row.

Japan to launch self-navigating cargo ships 'by 2025'

12 June 17 |
Japanese shipping companies are working with shipbuilders to develop self-piloting cargo ships.

OPAP & OTE ink agreement to upgrade its infrastructure

31 May 17 |
OPAP said this partnership is consistent with the Vision 2020 launched by OPAP and its strategic priorities to invest on network.

China's first mountain subway train to be installed

29 May 17 |
The six-car train will run on Line 5 in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China.

How scientists turned a flag into a loudspeaker

18 May 17 |
The audio breakthrough could eventually lead to such consumer products as a foldable loudspeaker, a voice-activated security patch for computers and even a talking newspaper.

EY: ways to protect your firm from ransomware

18 May 17 |
As the EY notes in a statement, there are six actions that organizations can now deploy to protect their information systems, their most valuable asset and their customers.

ZTE inks deal with Forthnet in Beijing

15 May 17 |
The agreement comprises a €500 million investment.

NBG purchases stake in

12 May 17 | is a platform offering to IT groups of medium and larger enterprises to manage the whole structure of their systems through a single monitor.

Westnet expands operations in Cyprus

08 May 17 |
In an announcement, Westnet said its new warehouses in Cyprus has stocked thousands of products.

Facebook tops analysts' estimates with latest figures

04 May 17 |
The results came on the same day that Facebook founder announced the company’s plans to hire 3.000 new staff.
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