23 April 2018

Attica's first historic medicinal thermal spring

29 January 18 - RE+D Magazine
Attica's first historic medicinal thermal spring


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The discovery of Attica's first officially recognized medicinal thermal spring - located in the suburb of Glyfada - was a long and painstaking journey that began in dusty history books, Dr. Konstantinos Kouskoukis revealed to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.


The man responsible tracking down the forgotten spring, whose discovery was announced last week, Dr. Kouskoukis was a former deputy rector at Thrace University and specialist in dermatology who came across references to its existence while researching his book "Spa Tourism and Thermalism".

Following up clues in the historical archives, which referred to a spring situated in the region of Aixoni in Glyfada, Kouskoukis and staff from the Glyfada muncipality started by talking to local residents and found that older people, especially, remembered the existence of such a spring when they were young.

"Eventually we found a bore hole on the borders of Glyfada and Voula, tested the water and found that it had medicinal properties. We then drilled further down and found the thermal spring waters," he said. After conducting the necessary surveys and studies and submitting all the paperwork to the ministry, the thermal spring was officially recognised, Kouskoukis said.

"It truly is a gold-bearing horizon. Glyfada could become a health resort in the heart of Athens with all that this entails: wellbeing, medical tourism and spa tourism," he added.

Glyfada's mayor was now in the process of setting up a framework for potential investors, he noted, while using the water would require finding the right site, since the spring was discovered inside a forest where building was not permitted.

He pointed out, however, that the spa water could be carried up to 15 kilometres from its source without losing its medicinal properties, so that potential investors could even situate their spa right next to the sea, combining thermal springs with sea water treatments.

The Glyfada municipality is currently working on a development plan to exploit the Aixoni spring following its recognition by the tourism ministry.

According to the relevant authority on spas and thermal springs, the waters at Aixoni are recommended for the treatment of rheumatism and related complaints, sciatica, lumbago and nervous system ailments.



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