21 May 2018
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Double-digit reservations already for Greek Ionian islands

10 January 18 |
The news from the tourist exhibition "Vakantiebeurs" 2018 in Utrecht are very positive for the Ionian islands.

Aegean Airlines hits new historic high in traffic

08 January 18 |
Aegean Airlines said its international network remained the main driving force of growth, totaling 7.3 million passengers, for an annual increase of 9%.

Cruise ship arrivals decrease in 2017

04 January 18 |
According to figures released by the Hellenic Ports Union "ELIME", cruise ship arrivals decreased by around 20,5% in 2017.

The tsunami of tourists pouring into that city may cause its death

02 January 18 |
Speaking from his home in Pisa, Settis, an internationally renowned art historian, explains why saving Venice is not just important for Venetians.

TrainOSE suspends local routes on holiday season

22 December 17 |
The routes’ cancellation will affect urban railway schedules and some of the Athens-Thessaloniki route trains.

Low-cost Wizz Air launches new routes from Athens

20 December 17 |
The air carrier is present in six Greek airports, with a total of 17 flight routes to eight countries.

International tourist arrivals jump 9%

19 December 17 |
Tourism has boosted consumption, deposits and passenger traffic during the last 11-month, according to the minister.

Visits to Greek museums increase by 15,8%

15 December 17 |
For the eight-month Jan.-Aug. period, there was a 17.4% hike in total visitors to museums.

EasyJet announces 7 new direct flights to Greece

12 December 17 |
Over 2.5 million passengers traveling to and from Greece have chosen the budget airline in the last twelve months.

Medical tourism has great prospects in Greece

11 December 17 |
Medical tourism is a "golden opportunity" for Greece but it would need strategy, synergy, extroversion and innovation in order to establish itself as a medical tourism destination.
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