23 March 2018
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Tourist profiles illustrated in survey by Greek Tourism Institute

19 February 09 |
Tourists visiting Greece are mostly members of middle and lower social and income classes, and spend an average €74 to €83 per day. This is one of the results from the survey performed on

Eurobank issues tourism report

18 February 09 |
Eurobank has published a shocking report on the course of the Greek tourism sector for 2009, according to which, Greece is about to lose approximately €2 bln

Greece to host the next Winter Special Olympics

16 February 09 |
During the closing ceremony of the winter Special Olympics taking place in Idaho, Greek Tourism Development Minister, Kostas Markopoulos, received the

Health tourism in Turkey rising

13 February 09 |
The cost of receiving medical care may still be burning the wallets of Turkish citizens, however, the prices are still low enough to lure in foreign patients. A surgery that would cost 5,000 euros in Europe can cost as little as 500 euros in Turkey.

Blue Mountain Aparthouse is constructed in Beli Iskar

11 February 09 |
A residential complex called Blue Mountain Aparthouse will be built in the village of Beli Iskar, part of the resort destination Samokov - Borovets.

GNTO poster exhibition in London's Harrods

10 February 09 |
Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) posters dating back to 1929 will be exhibited in London's Harrods department store until the end of February.

DCI about to launch two hotel projects

09 February 09 |
The intention of Dolphin Capital Investors (DCI) to begin the development of its first two projects has sparked developers’ interest.

Briefing on national tourism plan

05 February 09 |
Tourist Development Minister Costas Markopoulos intends to brief the members of the relevant Parliamentary

Hoteliers urge measures avoid crisis in tourism sector

05 February 09 |
The Hoteliers Association of Athens-Attica on Thursday urged for the immediate implementation of 14 measures to support the tourism sector

Bids for Olympic Airlines unsatisfactory, minister says

05 February 09 |
Development Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said at the end of the meeting of the Interministerial Privatisations Committee on the Olympic Airlines company, that
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