18 August 2018
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Nammos Mykonos restaurant fells short its payment obligations

25 September 17 |
The finance ministry recalled the use permit from the known business for not complying with their contract terms.

Institutional framework for illegal properties will be redesigned

25 February 15 |
Extension on illegal property declaration procedure expired on February,8

Tax-related measures tabled with business environment bill

23 March 12 |
The area covered by basements, platforms, lofts and other spaces "legalised" under the law for

Semi open-air spaces legalization on hold

19 May 09 |
The widely publicized plan of the Greek government to legalize semi open-air spaces is about to fall apart.

Constructors offer a compromise for resolving the matter of semi-open spaces

03 April 09 |
Property owners and constructors are looking to settle the matter of paying a one-off fee for legalizing their semi-open spaces with the ministry of Finance.
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