24 May 2018
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Maniatis at SEV symposium on building energy efficiency

08 December 10 |
Greece's "unbelievable bureaucracy" was to blame for the delay in proclaiming the 'Saving at Home'

Double Regeneration revised plan to get official OK in November

26 October 10 |
The Double Regeneration project will officially proceed as announced last May by Minister of Environment,

Archeological authorities greenlight Niarchos Cultural Center

08 October 10 |
The construction of the National Library and the National Opera House, part of the Niarchos Cultural Center, on the Faliron Delta is expected to begin

New Praktiker store opens in Irakleio

10 June 10 |
The Praktiker chain in Greece boasts a new addition, in Irakleio,

BVIC gets green light for Votanikos mall

07 June 10 |
The ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change will promote the bill for the Votanikos mall

New legislation to open up Casino market

04 June 10 |
A new casino is expected to operate in Athens in the next two years, after the legislative changes preannounced

REDS Athens investment unaffected by recent Ministry decision

16 April 10 |
Athens-based developer REDS, member of Ellaktor Group, announced that the recent decision by the Ministry of Environment,

Zara and Η&Μ negotiate space in new Athens mall

10 March 10 |
Spanish retail brand Zara and Swedish retail group H&M are currently negotiating the conditions of

Revised Votanikos twin urban regeneration project unveiled

03 March 10 |
Elimination of a new Athens municipal building and the Panathinaikos basketball indoor stadium in the
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