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Dimitris Zontanos exits Lamda Development

Dimitris Zontanos has been working for LAMDA Development since 2007

The redevelopment plans for the Metropolitan Park in Elliniko are being changed

It is thus reduced: the realized coverage, from 1,378.03sqm to 389.40sqm, the realized construction from 4,800sqm to 389,40sqm and the realized construction volume

HRADF is developing the former warehouses of EOMMEX property in Tavros

With a total surface of approximately 3,300 sqm and building coefficient 3, the property allows the development of buildings with a maximum surface that can approach 10,000 sqm

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  News Listed  |  Greece
GEK TERNA launches an up to €300M green bond issue

The timetable of the issuance of the Bond Loan and the Public Offering of the Bonds will be determined in the near future.

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  News Listed  |  Economy  |  Greece
National Bank of Greece Group reports €714M Profit After Tax from continuing operations

Organic NPE reduction was notable – down almost 1 percentage point in the quarter – with a negligible impact from clients in default 11 months after the end of the Covid-19 moratoria.

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The World Health Organization's warning on COVID19 Omicron mutation

Preliminary evidence suggests there may be an increased risk of reinfection with Omicron

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  News Tourism  |  Greece
Optimism but also concern due to the COVID19 mutations in the tourism sector

The industry added 2 extra points to GDP this year, SETE says.

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The necessity of having the European building stock replaced with zero-emission buildings

There's a general pressure from institutional authoritries to have the existing building stock replaced with zero-emission buildings (net-zero)