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Enipeas Dam PPP proceeds seems to have matured enough for an auction

The procedures for the PPP project with a budget of € 315 million are in progress.

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Oniro Hotels inaugurates operations in the Greek hotel industry

The company was co-founded by the family office of Stavros Ephraimidis and the Delfi Partners group.

The historic Loumbardiaris under the management of the Municipality of Athens

The building will be refurbished and restored for future generations.

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Citigroup disposes of its Dublin HQs looking to relocate

Citi will remain in North Wall Quay for some time after it has sold the building.

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Hines and Accor unveil plans for a hotel development at MilanoSesto

Hines is also a strategic advisor and development manager of the entire MilanoSesto 13-year project.

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Positive recruitment balance in February 2022

In the two months of January-February, recruitment announcements amounted to 291,751