Clarifications on how the HPPC engages in new hirings
Clarifications on how the HPPC engages in new hirings

Clarifications on how the HPPC engages in new hirings

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The Company HPPC SA according to Law L.4389 / 2016 that governs the parent company of EESYP, is excluded from the other provisions that apply to legal entities that are considered as General Government Bodies.

Therefore, HPPC SA is not financed by the state budget, on the contrary through the technocratic utilization of its portfolio, it works in favor of the Greek State and the Greek taxpayers, supporting the creation of investments for the country, generating revenues for the Greek State and contributing to the reduction of public debt.

It does not have to hire staff through an ASEP procedure or apply the single payroll, as it is a Societe Anonyme under its legal status.

• The vast majority of the recruitments that have been made in the company concern about 90% seasonal staff, necessary for the operation of the Business Units of HPPC , such as Akti Vouliagmenis, the Ski Resorts of Parnassos and Vora-Kaimaktsalan, the Achilles Museum, Diros Caves and the Thermal Springs.

• The Business Units of HPPC through their smooth operation support the economic and tourist development of local communities. In recent years, thanks to the great effort of the Executive Management of HPPC and despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the financial performance of these Units has marked a significant upward trend, reaching the levels of traffic and revenue before the pandemic. This positive effect results in increased seasonal staffing needs.

• A typical example of the upward course of the Business Units is that of the Parnassos Ski Center, where thanks to the intensive preparation of its financial results this year, they overthrow all its historical precedent of operation since 1974. Equally impressive results are recorded in the case of Akti Vouliagmenis.

• Regarding the audit, the argument that the removal of the former President of HPPC SA, Mr. Antonis Beza is due to the management audit of the Ministry of Finance, as he is regular and has been signed since May 12, 2020.