Urban Redevelopment
Pedestrian bridges available in main Athenian streets

In their core features, the footbridges are arched, illuminated for maximum safety of users, while they have lifts to be accessible to all.

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Renovation works on the emblematic landmark of Palaio Faliro Floisvos close to completion

The important project for the area of Palaio Faliro and the entire Athenian Riviera amounts to €2,950,667.67.

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What Foster's master plan foresees for Noval's mega-project in Tavros

The studies were approved by the Regional Council of Attica

Pallini Urban Grove Panorama planning development was granted approval

The development has a total budget of €1M and is co-financed by the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Pallini.

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The world needs more affordable sustainable homes

In the aftermath of the pandemic and during the current inflationary period, affordable, net zero housing has become a major issue across the world.

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How an area of 3,000sqm  in Efkarpia will be transformed into an urban forest

The 3,000-acre area, which has been declared reforestable is located behind the TITAN factory.

The project for a government park development in Dafni paves a step forward

The cost of the expropriation was set at €31 million, an amount that burdens the budget of the Ministry of Finance.

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Updates for off-plan small land plots building permissions

There will be a chance offered to have fields -for which there have not yet been issued building permits- been built conditionally that their owners will follow specific proceeds.