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The newly designed Modular Research Centre with KOMA Modular

An innovative space to challenge and expand on existing notions of modular construction

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Maria Kokkinou passed away after being defeated by cancer

Maria Kokkinou studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens from where she graduated in 1979.

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Foster + Partners has completed Varso Tower

At a record-breaking 310 metres it is the tallest tower in the European Union.

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 Márk Balástyai "Retail is Detail"

Márk Balástyai, Project DIrector Etele Plaza on Property Forum

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Aurea Technologies launches portable wind turbine

Shine generates power in wind speeds from eight to 28mph

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The world’s first project of its type to achieve the very highest environmental BREEAM

"The Plus" will be emitting 55% lower greenhouse gas emissions than a comparable factory.

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Design: inhouse bars and cellars have been the covid19 trend in housing

Homeowners are now looking for new ways to have fun inside their home.

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Grimshaw Architects secures Planning Approval for an impressive mixed use

If funding is secured as scheduled, it is due to open in 2024.