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€700M new investments are expected to totally transform Elaionas

The Municipality plans to relocate the temporary hosting refugee premises and create an environment that will support innovative business activities.

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Premia in talks to acquire BOUTARIS

Premia has been negotiating for months with the companies that have purchased Boutari's liabilities

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The Friendship Hospital in Bangladesh was declared best newbuilt for 2021

Its architects were praised for putting "care and humanity at the heart of its design."

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Evergrande was working on a restructuring plan according to CEO Siu Shawn

While taking measures to stabilise China's crisis-hit property sector.

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Increasing investment activity for student housing in 2021. The case of Greece

According to Savills, student numbers increased significantly last year (2020–2021) in most European countries.

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ICADE SANTÉ acquires a portfolio of four private hospital properties in Portugal

Τα λειτουργούν δύο από τους μεγαλύτερους παρόχους υγειονομικής περίθαλψης στην χώρα

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Dimand and PREMIA PROPERTIES ink deal to develop a health services real estate project

A preliminary lease agreement for 20 years closed period has been signed.

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REDS unveils changes in the Campas master plan

REDS unveils changes in the initial master plan of the Campas Project given the developments in the domestic real estate market after the coronavirus pandemic.