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Upgrading and renovation of health infrastructures properties in the Aegean islands

The schema has a total budget of €7,319,049.18.

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New restoration projects were declared in school premises in Thessaly and Central Greece

All 33 schools will be delivered by the end of the year.

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Giuseppe Verdi' villa near the town of Piacenza will be transformed into a museum

Today, the villa is owned by four siblings from the Carrara-Verdi family, descendants of Verdi's younger cousin, Maria Filomena Verdi.

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The New OTE Telecommunications Museum to be relocated on Patision Street

Upon completion, in addition to permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, it will offer a ground floor multi-purpose space, retail, restaurant, cafe and event and training spaces.

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Development works begin at "ThessINTEC"

The park is expected to enhance its extroversion and ability to attract high-tech investment from the international environment.

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There was delivered one of the largest logistic centers based in Poland

Throughout the 13,000sqm office area, access to daylight has been increased, and a specialist was consulted to create the appropriate acoustics.

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Lamda's disabled building complex in Ellinikon was certified as LEED Platinum

The total construction of the building complex is 11,500 sq.m. on a plot of 7,400 sq.m., while more than 8,000 plants have been planted in its outdoor areas.

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New standards in cemetery development set by the architectural office Objektor

Located in a forest clearing next to an existing 18th-century chapel.

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MYTILINEOS announces new large industrial production unit development in Magnesia

The new unit will be built on a company-owned plot, recently purchased for this purpose in the 1st Industrial Zone of Volos.