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Overall Turnover Index in Industry down 6% in March

The average Overall Turnover Index in Industry for the 12-month period from April 2022 to March 2023 increased by 26.5%.

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Noval declares IPO to increase its share capital up to €43.47M

Maximum sale price of the New Shares was set by a decision of the Board of Directors at €2.82 per share.

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Trastor's strategic plan is now expanding in hotel assets

The REIC is focusing in the Cypriot hotel sector.

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The first private airport in Greece to be developed in Kavala

Kavala has been in the spotlight for the past few years as it slowly develops into an economic corridor

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46 electric buses deployed in routes around Athens

Upgrade of the country's urban transportation means in progress.

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Greek auctions market soars above €1,2Β

For the next seven months, 20,300 property auctions have already been planned across the country worth €2.53 billion.

Lamda inks lease with CGS for the development and operation of an education institution in the Ellinikon

The rent for the long-term lease will be determined annually based on the Turnover achieved in each calendar year.

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The Single Digital Map on beta operation

Within the next two weeks, the Single Digital Map and the National Infrastructure Register,will be up in beta operation.

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KPMG's report on Porto Karras

Techniki Olympiaki is thoroughly examining the conclusion of the independent consultant for its next moves.