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An ELECTOR and MESOGEIOS SA consortium bids for the WMU in Grammatiko

This is the third waste management tender process in Attica.

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  Legal Taxation  |  Greece
Greek reale estate ownership value soars to €761,38B according to AADE

Owners who live in Attica, despite the fact that their real estate properties values was increased by 24.64% due to the adjustment of fair values, have realised ENFIA decreases of c.8.47%.

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Particular investment interest observed for decayed residential properties in Greece

70% of the real estate properties that have been sold in Greece during 2021 were residences and the rest 30% commercial properties and plots of land.

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Greek banking sector NPL performance according to the BoG

Greek banks posted elevated after-tax losses in 2021, amounting to €4.8 billion.

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  News Listed  |  Economy  |  Greece
Mytilineos announced 80% jump in Net Profit after minorities in the 1Q2022

Net profit after taxes and minority interests, rose to €67 million.