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New option was added in the e-adeies application to comprise plots outside the urban plan

"Plots outside the plan, by deviation buildable" were added as option to "e-Permits" in the list of applications for confirmation of Building Conditions and pre-approval of a Building Permits.

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The Greek council of State's ultimatum for the Cocomat's hotel based in Acropolis

The story of the hotel, which has been already delivered for use, dates back in 2012.

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The approved building standards for the redevelopment of the CRO.PEI former industrial complex

How will the innovative redevelopment project will be deployed.

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Greek authorities unveil an Urban Plan for the Mati and other adjacent urban units

It is been reminded that Mati area has been stricken out by wild fires resulting in the loss of more than 100 people lives.

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Ministrial decision suspends building permits and implementation acts in particular regions

What did the Undersecretary of Ministry Of Environment And Energy Mr. Tagaras clarify.

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A great investment in Ios island currently under consultation

The basic principles of architectural design follow the morphology of Cycladic architecture.

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€700M new investments are expected to totally transform Elaionas

The Municipality plans to relocate the temporary hosting refugee premises and create an environment that will support innovative business activities.

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The Building Coefficient Reception Zones

An important urban reform