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Ford's green warehouse in Valencia

The expansion of the current solar park aims to reach close to 10 MW by 2024.

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The PPA's redevelopment master plan was published in the government gazzet

Where will the hotels, the conference rooms, the new passenger stations and the warehouses be based.

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  News Economy  |  Infrastructure  |  Crete
Crete has the potential to completely shift into clean energy consumption by 2030

Networks in Crete are being upgraded, almost 100 million for high voltage, 50 million for medium and low voltage.

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The estimated delivery date of the new airport in Kastelli

The project is considered to be on track for delivery according to the schedule.

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  News Infrastructure  |  Greece  |  Data
Passenger traffic in Greek airports up in 2022

During the same period, a decrease in passengers was recorded to 63,493,375 people from 64,169,005 people.

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EAV inaugurates operations in two more production units in Tanagra airport

There will be developed 14 projects in cooperation with Lockheed Martin.

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Cutting edge technology in Riyadh' new metro station

Digitized manufacturing processes take off the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry