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Lamda reports €10.5M fair value gain from the revaluation of The Ellinikon Investment Property

The estimated total revenues from the land plots sales, in Phase A, are estimated at c.€190m.

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Dimand announced increased fair value for the group's investment properties

The total portfolio developed and managed by the Group consisted of 18 investment projects in various stages of completion.

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MYTILINEOS expands in large scale solar energy projects

The project will eventually produce more than 300GWhs to the grid.

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ELLAKTOR completes senior bonds repayments

It has proceeded with the issuance of an 18-month, €500m bond.

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PRODEA reports more than €70M new investments in the first half of 2022

Operating profit amounted to €102.5 vs €99.8 in H1 2021

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Αttica Group merges with ΑΝΕΚ by absorption

The agreement was sent by the legal advisors to be signed by the representatives of the contracting parties.

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Extension of Noval Property’s IPO deadline

The company engaged for the offering till October, 15 2023.

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Italian and English asset managers join forces to invest in French logisitcs

DeA Capital has signed a strategic joint venture agreement with Europa Capital to develop the French real estate market.

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CBRE IM Acquires Prime Residential Portfolio in Barcelona’s Core Metropolitan Area

Developing the portfolio is one of the main real estate developers in Spain, Culmia.