Aegean islands
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NTUA students visited the wires of Milos sight

Taking into account scientific data on bioclimatic planning and the prevention of the effects of climate change.

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Issuance of building permits in the off-plan areas of Mykonos is suspended

The Department of Architecture, Building Regulations and Licensing of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

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Water pipes replacement project in Skiathos network under development

The project has a total budget of €970,000 and is implemented by the Region of Thessaly.

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Listed property in Syros island to be redeveloped into a five star hotel

The hotel will have a capacity of 20 beds and be located in the area of Ermoupolis

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The National Theater of Rhodes to be restored

It is an iconic and historical building located in the port of Rhodes.

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Prodea Investments and Invel Real Estate acquire White Coast Pool Suites

The hotel, located near Sarakiniko beach, has a total of 30 suites, each offering a private pool and uninterrupted sea view.

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The land zone of Hydra's port upgrade project

Attica Region's goal is to make the greatest possible contribution to the utilization and promotion of the islands

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IPTO commissions Hellenic Cables for the Lavrio-Serifos and Serifos-Milos electrical interconnection projects

The project that will integrate Milos and Serifos into the continental Electricity Transmission System is part of the fourth and final phase of the Cyclades’ interconnection.

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Intrakat delivers a 15MW wind park in Andros island in the Aegean

The Wind Park is located in Fragaki - in the southern part of Andros - an area of ​​extremely high wind potential.