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The Greek Holiday Homes Market is Turning Into a modern “El Dorado” for up to 3 Μillion Potential European Buyers

The fact that in Greece, the average price of a newly built holiday home is now ranging between 300,000 – 350,000 euros, means that the country is ideal for European investors.

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Prime Offices or in other words "green" vacant properties

How the upgrade of energy efficiency affects the sector and what tenants demand according to Cushman & Wakefield and Savills reports.

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European real estate market is navigating inflection point

Optimism is based on the strength of underlying occupier demand.

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Rising interest rates are curbing demand for mortgages

"My Home" program has proven to support the Greek market

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A structural growth slowdown is underway globally

Nearly all the forces that have powered growth and prosperity since the early 1990s have weakened.

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Plots for outdoor storage. The new trend in Europe

European Industrial Outdoor Storage investment expected to grow by 4.5% according to Savills.

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Higher interest rates have exposed vulnerabilities in some banks globally

The IMF warns that they should prepare for a possible resurgence of many risks.