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  News Economy  |  Residential  |  Greece  |  Analysis
The trends in the Greek real estate market according to Engel & Volkers Greece

The country has a lot to offer and also arouses supraregional interest through extraordinary projects. The Tower of Piraeus, for example, has met with a positive response.

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  News Sustainability  |  Economy  |  Tourism  |  International  |  Analysis  |  Hotels
Consumers shift towards sustainable travel

Tourists are eager to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable tourism

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  News Investments  |  Economy  |  Europe  |  Analysis
Signs of decreasing investments in European real estate

Cautious manipulations and defensive strategies

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The future of leases for green spaces

How high tenants are setting the standards on ESG issues

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  News Economy  |  Europe  |  Analysis  |  Sectors
Germany's real estate market took a deep hit in the fourth quarter of 2022

The trend would likely continue during the first half of 2023, but would reverse in the second half according to BNP Paribas Real Estate Germany.

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  News Economy  |  International  |  Analysis  |  Residential  |  Office  |  Retail  |  Warehousing
Tough times ahead for real estate investors

Deutsche Bank's outlook for 2023

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Repurposing existing stock from one sector to another shall be a key in year's to come

The threat of obsolescence over the next five years concerns nearly half of Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Europe 2023 survey respondents, even if other issues, notably construction costs, are front-of-mind in the shorter term.

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Real estate market is expected to be remarkably altered in the next five years

One out of two citizens want to move from their place of residence and a quarter of them want to buy their own house or rent one for many years, according to the findings RE/MAX research.