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EPRA: alternative housing investments upscaled in Europe

EPRA' recently unveiled research "Alternative property sectors".

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Almost 10% of Europeans cannot afford a proper meal

In 2023, 9.5% of the EU population were unable to afford a meal containing meat, fish or a vegetarian equivalent every second day.

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Affordable housing in Europe is an elusive dream

According to Eurostat data, Greece ranks first in the share of housing costs on disposable income. At 10.6% of the population Europeans pay more than 40% of their income for housing.

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Regions of Attica with the highest yield in properties

The "forgotten" regions of Attica that offer significant returns.

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Greek land plot market has been approved extremely resilient in the last decade

How much did the prices rose and which were the best areas according to Geoaxis.

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House prices in Greece close to hit their 2008 highs

Important factors of uncertainty are geopolitical instability, increased inflation, high construction costs, and the deterioration of household purchasing power

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Office yields in Europe are stabilizing

According to a Danos – An Alliance Member of BNP Paribas Real Estate report, rents in Athens are over €370/sq.m per month for prime locations with yields at 5.75%.

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Greek listed real estate sector total value at US$4.73 billion

EPRA's “Global Real EstateTotal Markets Table” report for March 2024.