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Ownership in the preserved industrial premises of Allatini Mills has resulted in two shares following the recent e-auction

The long-awaited utilization of the preserved industrial property is emerging to be complicated.

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The former municipal slaughterhouses of Thessaloniki will be transformed into a virtual industrial museum

This small building, that today is completly abandoned is to be reconstructed.

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The historic property of the "Allatini Mills" industry up in e-auction

Belonged to the Italian-Jewish Allatini family and designed by the Italian architect, Vitaliano Pozelli

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Move forward for the Fishing Refuge construction project in Nea Krini

The construction of the Fishing Shelter is expected to cost approximately 6,600,000 euros.

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The tender for HPPC's Overground Bus Station in Thessaloniki was extended

Monday, December 5th, 2022, 14.00 Greek time, was set as the new deadline for the submission of interest in the tender.

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The Papafi Metro Station of the Thessaloniki will be accessible to the public next week

This is one of the two spots with which Attiko Metro SA. participates in the acknowledged event that this is the eleventh time that is being organized.

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Large redevelopment project in the surrounding area of Nea Elvetia terminal station in Thessaloniki

The ultimate goal is to redevelop the area around the multimodal transit terminal in Nea Elvetia to ensure access and all functions related to the terminal and to create extensive green areas.

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Large hotel chains invest in Thessaloniki's tourism potential

Seven five-star hotels, with a total investment reaching millions of euros have been added to the city's potential in recent years, especially after 2017.

Residential rents in large Greek cities are soaring to new highs

The upward rally in rents, as well as the positive effects on demand, are also due to the needs emerged due to the health crisis.

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"Kerameion Allatini" study was put into public consultation

The Strategic Environmental Impact Study of the Special Town Planning Plan for the re use of the former "Kerameion Allatini" was put into public consultation.