MOTOR OIL' €339.6M investment in Agios Theodoros wins approval

The construction and operation of a Natural Gas Terminal is being fast track processed.

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The PPA's redevelopment master plan was published in the government gazzet

Where will the hotels, the conference rooms, the new passenger stations and the warehouses be based.

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EAV inaugurates operations in two more production units in Tanagra airport

There will be developed 14 projects in cooperation with Lockheed Martin.

Concession development for the former CHROPEI Industrial Complex

Soaring construction costs and the complexity of the project have resulted in the ministry's decision.

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Premia Properties REIC inks lease agreement with PEPCO new store

The retail store will be located at 76, Lavriou Avenue in Paiana, Attica.

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The Municipality's of Hellinikon-Argyroupoli and P.Faliro argue about the soaring ENFIA rates

The increase in property values in some areas in the Southern Suburbs exceeds 80%, while the Municipality of Athens reports an increase of up to 95%.

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Intrakat launches a pilot project in Athens Metro line 2

The project refers to mobile signal coverage and internet access inside tunnels and stations.

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One fifth of the domestic market is under Marina Floisvos ownership

In 2021, 310 professional and private leisure boats were permanently docked.

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The Municipality of Elefsina acquires National Bank's stake in iconic leisure park

The park spans in a total area of 20,543.00sqm, from which 12,309.00sqm are a National Bank's property.