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46 electric buses deployed in routes around Athens

Upgrade of the country's urban transportation means in progress.

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The Single Digital Map on beta operation

Within the next two weeks, the Single Digital Map and the National Infrastructure Register,will be up in beta operation.

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Biodegradable building blocks using fungus

Mycelium-based bio-composite materials have already been applied to areas like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

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Proptech as a transforming catalyst for the real estate industry

Real estate technology is drastically impacting the development, marketing and management of real estate.

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The unsolvable technology deficit acts as a hurdle for global tech firms

Volatile environment of the last 15 years in Greece.

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Updates on the role of BIM by SEGM and TÜV HELLAS

SEGM is organizing an evening on February 28, from 3 pm to 7 pm at the "Crowne Plaza" hotel.

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An AI-based robot training model may results in complex skilled robots

The training framework, known as Compositional Foundation Models for Hierarchical Planning — HiP for short — can help robots not only make an impact in construction.

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Solid structural panels using a fast-growing, perennial grass

This innovation offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the construction industry's traditional materials.

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The Municipality of Athens in talks to adopt the '15-minute city' model

The Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, recently met with Carlos Moreno, a professor at Sorbonne University

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Borrowers of the "My Home" program can now submit their applications through

The platform enables borrowers to register and track their open applications directly with the country's cadastral offices.