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Coffee offers performance boost for concrete

Engineers in Australia have found a way of making stronger concrete with roasted used-coffee grounds.

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After a decade of study and development the Federal Reserve launched FedNow

The adoption of real time payments in the sprawling U.S. banking system, with more than 4,000 banks, another 4,000 credit unions, and an overlay of hundreds of fintechs.

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An airplane-shaped tiny home built from the Woods' in the Woods

The architectural office Hello Wood shapes a different residential model.

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HERACLES Group offers new ECOPlanet green cement range

HERACLES Group has been unswervingly leading developments in the decarbonization of buildings across their entire life cycle.

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Uni.Fund II closed at €50M

The amount of the initial investment varies between 200,000 and 1.5 million euros.

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Optima Bank launches factoring services platform

Optima factors is a subsidiary of the Optima bank group.

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Entersoft enhances stake in Intensive Retail Software market with new acquisition

Entersoft announced that it has signed an Agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of “SW RetailSoft SA”.

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The ultra-exclusive 53-villa complex by Lamborghini in Spain

Lamborghini joins the race among luxury automakers through the world of jaw-dropping real estate.