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A €107M project was launched for the hotel infrastructure ungrade in Halkidiki

What does the investment file of the major tourism project comprise

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Leeds' Queens Hotel sold to Swedish firm in £53 million deal

A range of notable people have stayed at The Queens Hotel, including actor Cary Grant and Nelson Mandela.

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Bulandra theater in Bucharest to be renovated through PNRR funding

The project aims to provide seismic consolidation and energy renovation of the building

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Listed property in Syros island to be redeveloped into a five star hotel

The hotel will have a capacity of 20 beds and be located in the area of Ermoupolis

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Consumers shift towards sustainable travel

Tourists are eager to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable tourism

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Meliá Hotels will manage the former Rey Juan Carlos Hotel in Barcelona

The hotel will be operated under the luxury Gran Meliá brand with the name "Miranda de Pedrables"

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One of Kalambaka's best known four star hotels is to be auctioned on 11/1/2023

The hotel accommodation facilities comprise 28 Single Rooms.

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Signs of market saturation in the Athenian hotel industry

The vast majority of the tourist accommondation premises in Athens (about 94%) are Airbnb-type entities.