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The old municipal hospital of Patras is being renovated

The budget for the project is 10,696,860 euros and has been included in the public investment program.

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Olympia Odos and the University of Patras have established two annual scholarships

The scholarships are available to students of the Departments of Civil Engineering and Geology.

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Costa Navarino is nearing the net-zero target

How TEMES achieved an 80% reduction in emissions by 2022 and what are the next steps.

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W Costa Navarino amongst world's top resorts

It's been a year of full operations for the hotel based in Messinia.

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Structural monitoring of the Rio-Antirio Bridge

The team of climbers' works are expected to be completed by the beginning of August.

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Price range listing for Costa Navarino's Valley Greens residences for UHNWI

Valley Greens is the new upcoming residential neighborhood in Navarino Dunes.

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Peloponnese interconnection with the Ultra High Voltage System in operation

The "Western Corridor" project consists of overhead and underground Transmission Lines and the 400kV Ultra High Voltage submarine cable installed between Rio and Antirio.

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Uni Systems and Knowledge establish Technology Hub for Western Greece

The Technology Hub, based in Patras, aims at offering opportunities for digital development and employment in Western Greece.

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The Corinth Canal will be open from June 1st 2023

From October 1, the works will enter the final stage.