Northern Greece
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The new business plan for the port of Alexandroupolis

The HRADF is proceeding with the preparation of a new business plan aiming to be ready in a few months time and incorporating the needs developed the developments of the last months.

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The tender for maintenance-rehabilitation works in Neda river

As submission of interest closing date was set the December, 12 2022

Residential rents in large Greek cities are soaring to new highs

The upward rally in rents, as well as the positive effects on demand, are also due to the needs emerged due to the health crisis.

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A tender for the construction of the Nestorian Dam to be soon launched

The 75 m high dam on the Aliakmonas River, in Nestorio, Kastoria, will create an artificial lake with an area of 823 hectares.

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American real estate professionals visit Evros to explore the region's investment potential

Members of the Chicago Realtors Association visited the Evros Chamber and the Alexandroupolis town hall.

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HRADF: Initiation of the process for the development of the Volos Port Authority

The Concession Agreement between the State and V.P.A. S.A. has a duration of 60 years from its signing and expires in 2062.