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Major global IT outage hits banking institutions and airlines

Reports of outages have been streaming in from around the globe, with broadcaster Sky News off air in the UK.

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Land Registry: contracts will be checked on artificial intelligence application

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

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The Land Registry in Lamia and Livadia has been completed

All the services provided are now carried out through and

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46 electric buses deployed in routes around Athens

Upgrade of the country's urban transportation means in progress.

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The unsolvable technology deficit acts as a hurdle for global tech firms

Volatile environment of the last 15 years in Greece.

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The Municipality of Athens in talks to adopt the '15-minute city' model

The Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, recently met with Carlos Moreno, a professor at Sorbonne University

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AI-based approaches can provide a faster transition to net zero

How AI-based approaches can provide more than a 100-fold increase in the pace and scale of decarbonization planning compared to traditional energy audits and net-zero studies.

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Technological developments that brought structural changes in the construction sector

Sensors, Download images, Wireless communication, Capture and map reality and GIS and Location Intelligence.

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Lafarge launches new app that modernizes and simplifies concrete orders

With Lafarge's ConcreteDirect, users now have the ultimate freedom to control their concrete orders in real-time from their mobile phone, accurately and consistently.