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Greek retail turnover in July up 12.3%

According to ELSTAT, for the enterprises in retail trade divisions the turnover in July 2023 amounted to 3.94 billion euro.

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25% of Athens based commercial properties are lacking tenant

What was shown by the large survey carried out this year, for the second year, by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and the Athens University of Economics

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Lamda's tax free sales exceeded the corresponding levels of 2019

Increased traffic from tourist markets such as Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Low housing supply squeezes home prices up

Nominal prices of apartments in the first quarter of 2023 were increased compared to the corresponding quarter of 2022 by 14.5%.

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Turnover in retail trade soar in 1Q2023 according to Nielsen

This growth is driven by food and beverages, both fresh and standardized.

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Analysts are sounding alarm bell on European Real Estate

Everything is looking down for Europe’s worst-hit sector: Real estate.

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CPS: Sales and leases in office and retail property sectors in 2022

Athens is becoming a prominent office market because there is a more significant profit margin while offering higher returns for investors than other European office markets.

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Trade Estates invests another commercial park in Chalandri, Attica

The property was acquired by Ten Brinke Hellas in December 2022, with a total price of €6.5 million.

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Tough times ahead for real estate investors

Deutsche Bank's outlook for 2023