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New decline recorded in business conditions at architecture firms

The score of 44.8 for September is the lowest score reported since December 2020 during the height of the pandemic.

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The 35-storey property Turkevi in the heart of Manhattan

Turkevi has curved side edges to represent the crescent moon on the Turkish flag.

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Former Chinese brewery turned into cultural centre

In December 2022, the site hosted the ninth edition of the Shenzhen-Hong Biennale.

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An airplane-shaped tiny home built from the Woods' in the Woods

The architectural office Hello Wood shapes a different residential model.

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Strong investment interest from firms in the hotel sector for the Bodosakis Mansion

The historic property with a total area of 12,819 m2, which used to house Eurobank's headquarters in recent years, remains vacant.

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 “130 William” tower in New York’s Manhattan has been completed

Residents will enter the property through the park, which aims to offer respite from the city and the calm, private interior.

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Kengo Kuma join forces with FENDI generating two new products in line

Kuma created versions of Fendi’s ‘Peekaboo’ bag, ‘Baguette Soft Trunk’ and ‘Flow’ sneakers.

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Issuance of building permits in the off-plan areas of Mykonos is suspended

The Department of Architecture, Building Regulations and Licensing of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.