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Aitch Group to transform a grade I listed church building into a unique work campus

The existing church building will see significant refurbishment undertaken to ensure it is restored to its former glory.

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Grimshaw Architects secures Planning Approval for an impressive mixed use

If funding is secured as scheduled, it is due to open in 2024.

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The Friendship Hospital in Bangladesh was declared best newbuilt for 2021

Its architects were praised for putting "care and humanity at the heart of its design."

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Wood as a building material is starting to take a lead in the construction industry

A traditional option is coming back to the fore, as a sustainable construction solution.

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The Greenary, a residence in the heart of Northern Italy

Built out of a traditional Italian farmhouse outside the city of Parma, the Greenary responds to the idea of biophilia.

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Three new Fotografiska venues are set for completion in 2022 and 2023

Together with the existing locations in Stockholm, Tallin and New York, these will form the world's largest private art museum.

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FIAT's Lingotto industrial unit in Turin under an impressive redevelopment

The garden on the historic industrial property's roof top in Turin comprises 300 native plant species.