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Niam acquires office property in Greater Copenhagen

The property possesses good connectivity to both highways and public transportation.

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New headwinds in the commercial real estate industry

The industry has seen a drop in commercial real estate values due to higher interest rates and lower occupancy levels.

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The old municipal hospital of Patras is being renovated

The budget for the project is 10,696,860 euros and has been included in the public investment program.

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Part of the Theater Museum will be housed in the Soutsou House

The Ministry of Culture has announced that the Central Council of Newer Monuments of the Ministry of Culture has approved the final study for the restoration.

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Real estate properties as an investment asset were less attractive in 2023

More than 50% the drop in real estate investments in Europe. The situtation in Greece.

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TERNA undertook the construction of "THE GRID" office complex

THE GRID office complex will be built on a plot of land of 16,100 sq.m. at the junction of Heimarra and Amarousiou-Chalandriou streets and will cover a total area of 61,500 sq.m.

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MIG acquires office property in the center of Athens

The purchase price amounted to €2.8 million.

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2024: Back to normal

Jll Research outlines what to expect in 2024.