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The countries with the most certified "green" buildings

The annual ranking highlights countries and regions outside the United States that are making significant strides in sustainable building design, construction and operation.

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An average  increase of 12% was observed in real estate property prices in 2023

A remarkable increase in properties' sale prices was observed by RE/MAX Greece in 2023

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How FRMs potentially delayed central bank interest rate cuts

Mortgage and real estate markets have undergone several shifts since the global financial crisis and the pandemic.

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Cretan residential prices stable despite the increased demand in 2023

According to the "Danos Group Property Market Overviews for the 2nd Semester of 2023", average house sale prices in the Crete has been stabilising.

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Airbnb bans security cameras in listed properties

This new policy, as well as the strengthening of the rules for outdoor security cameras, will take effect on April 30, according to the company.

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BoG: Apartment prices remained high in 2023

Ιn the fourth quarter of 2023, the annual rate of change in apartment prices for the entire country stood at 11.8%.

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RE/MAX: Greek home owhership reaches 80%

Meanwhile, 26% of people are seeking larger properties, and one quarter are looking for enhanced amenities and security, which other areas can provide.

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Who are investing in Greek golden visa and how many of those are inhabiting the country

Chinese investors, who previously showed great interest in this, come from a middle-class background and represent only a small percentage of investors.

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Luxury residences in Greece are extremenly attractive for foreign investors

Opportunities for the development of high-quality buildings and for the renovation and upgrade of existing residences.

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The housing market in Greece continues to expand

Accoridng to the European Systemic Risk Board the level of accumulated vulnerabilities remains significant in most EEA countries.