Spatial Planning
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Radical changes in the system of identifying and demolishing arbitrary buildings

The off-plan building was not comprised in the bill of the Ministry of Environment that was put in public consultation.

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The Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni suspends the issuance of building permits

The aim of the municipal authority is to balance the environmental and urban planning balance of the city.

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Which authority is responsible for suspension of building permits

The 18/89- apply only to the areas for which there is a relevant provision of the law or a decision of the Minister.

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The Land Registry opens branches in Florina and Alexandroupolis

The network is expected to be completed within the coming months.

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Two new Hellenic Land Registry' branches were inaugurated in Volos and Skiathos island

The digitalisation upgrade of the Greek Hellenic Land Registry is also been enhanced in order the administration be fully complied with the current digital age.

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New regulation for buildings located near forests

The aim is to enhance the property's fire safety degree, to reduce its vulnerability to fire and to limit its contribution to its spread.

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Building standards in Chalandri suburb change

Urban plan comprising Chalandri suburb

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The relocation conditions for the Casino of Parnithas

The Special Town Planning Plan was also approved in the decree.

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Issuance of building permits in the off-plan areas of Mykonos is suspended

The Department of Architecture, Building Regulations and Licensing of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.