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Luxury residences in Greece are extremenly attractive for foreign investors

Opportunities for the development of high-quality buildings and for the renovation and upgrade of existing residences.

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European logistic sector still remarkably undersupplied

Strong demand observed for prime logistic spaces.

Port master plans in Greece can now alter the planning regime

What are the changes in the planning of projects deployed in the country's two major ports, due to the new law.

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Premia offloads Votanikos suburb based industrial property

The property's fair value was at €4.1 million as of June 30, 2023 and is free of debt.

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Plots for outdoor storage. The new trend in Europe

European Industrial Outdoor Storage investment expected to grow by 4.5% according to Savills.

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ACS expects increased demand for courier services

It is estimated that it will move between 10% and 15% annually in the next period

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Greek industrial production plunges 1,9% in July 2023

The seasonally adjusted Overall Industrial Production Index in July 2023 recorded an increase of 2.2% compared with the corresponding index of June 2023.

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The new leadership in the Ministry of Infrastructure puts logistics sector on the spot

Road, railway, flood control, water, irrigation, building and port projects, as well as aviation infrastructure projects.