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The Greek Holiday Homes Market is Turning Into a modern “El Dorado” for up to 3 Μillion Potential European Buyers

The fact that in Greece, the average price of a newly built holiday home is now ranging between 300,000 – 350,000 euros, means that the country is ideal for European investors.

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Increased subsidies for heat pumps secured in the new "Execonomo"

Energy saving is one of the pillars of the ministry's strategy.

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Total Building Activity in Greece down 4% in August 2023

There were issued a total of 1,617 building permits

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Three main reasons why this is buy opportunity for REITs

REITs bullish investor argues that their rock-bottom valuations may not be justified and could lead to enormous upside in the future

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"Renovate - Rent" program to be launched soon

The program subsidizes the repair of houses in order to make them available for rent.

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New record high for Lamda Development shopping malls' operating profitability

Intense investment interest for the Ellinikon malls

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The Land Registry opens branches in Florina and Alexandroupolis

The network is expected to be completed within the coming months.

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Overall Import Price Index (MPI) in Industry down by 14.6% in August

In August 2023, the Overall Index recorded an increase of 1.4% compared with July 2023.

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GIS to replace fair market value estimation for Greek properties

An objective tax evaluation system

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Ermou still ranked amongst the top 15 Main Streets Across the World

Why rents in Ermou did not follow the downward trend of its European peers.